Project Overview


Yasmin House

Grant Amount


Award Date

January 2021


Community Projects

Yasmin House is one of the few grassroots organisations that provides support to Syrian refugees coming to the UK. This support has included translation services, helping members access supplementary English lessons and helping troubleshoot the myriad of issues encountered by newly arrived refugees, from understanding paperwork to looking to find work.

Before COVID, they held large social events, with regular attendance of 250 people. These gatherings helped to reduce isolation for newly arrived refugees, made them feel a part of a larger collective and helped provide cultural moments of celebration. Unfortunately, due to COVID, these events have been stopped, resulting in hundreds of refugees feeling isolated and alone.

The Isla grant will support Yasmin House to offer an array of opportunities for the refugees affected by the ongoing pandemic, by funding activities which will help members gain employment, IT equipment for members who are facing digital exclusion and bespoke English lessons and training programmes.