Project Overview


Women’s Environmental Network (WEN)

Grant Amount


Award Date

December 2019



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Policy Paper

WEN was founded in 1988 as a platform for women’s voices in the environmental movement, with a focus on issues closest to women’s health and their everyday lives. WEN partners with community groups to deliver projects on plastics, food and pollution.

WEN, who coined the term ”environmenstrual” in 2004, has worked with nonprofit group City on Sea on a schools programme called Rethink periods. This programme offers free period education to primary and secondary schools, including information on the environmental and social contexts of menstruation.

WEN have used Isla’s funding to discuss, refine and implement a feminist leadership organisational model to enable greater participation in decision making. They have established a working group that started by surveying the team, and are now working towards a diversity, inclusion and equity action plan with team workshops and learning.  Co-directors have dedicated time to thinking strategically and in the past year have developed new exciting and ambitious programmes. Check out their website to find out more.