Project Overview


Voice 21

Grant Amount


Award Date

July 2022


Education & Employment, Child development and early learning

Voice 21 is on a mission to transform the learning and life chances of young people through talk so that all children can use their voice for success in school and in life. 

They exist to increase access to high-quality oracy education, particularly for those children that need it most. 

Their project aims to grow the organisation’s impact by expanding their reach in the North East region of England, an area of high need and low penetration.

The North East region has amongst the highest levels of deprivation and poorest educational outcomes at 16 nationally. Evidence shows that high level oracy education narrows attainment gaps and improves life chances of children from low income homes. With Isla’s grant, Voice 21 are now able to expand their reach and support more NE schools.

By the end of the project they aim to:

  • Recruit 50 schools in the NE region to become Voice 21 oracy schools 
  • Deliver the Voice 21 oracy programme in these 50 schools, successfully improving benchmark scores for oracy outcomes (based on V21 impact assessment & evaluation metrics)
  • Identify 3 schools to be accredited as V21 oracy centers of excellence in the NE region

To learn more about Voice 21, visit their website.