Project Overview


The Felix project

Grant Amount


Award Date

June 2020


Homelessness, Food Security & Housing

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meals provided

The Felix Project, founded in 2016, is a charity that redistributes good quality food that cannot be sold and would otherwise go to waste. At the best of times, 1.5 million adults in London and 400,000 children are at risk from food poverty every day. This need has accelerated due to coronavirus, with a 300% spike in demand being recorded since lockdown, with the poorest being hit the hardest. The Felix Project has responded by tripling the amount of food rescued and working with a network of schools, front-line charities and other partners to deliver over 1.6 million meals in April alone. It has also formed the London Food Alliance with other redistribution charities to ensure coordination at this exceptional time. 

Isla’s grant has allowed The Felix Project to upscale its operations and reach more vulnerable people than ever before. Through this upscale, they have increased the amount of meals they can provide per £1.00 donated to them. The grant has enabled The Felix Project to deliver enough food to provide an estimated 30,500 meals to vulnerable people across London.

“Since the beginning of 2020, The Felix Project has delivered in excess of 12 million meals to people who have lost their jobs, people on low incomes, children and families who are struggling, people who are sick, key workers struggling to find food, older people who are isolated, homeless people, survivors of domestic abuse, and refugees. This expansion would not have been possible without the generous support of organisations like the Isla Foundation. Thank you so much!”