Project Overview



Grant Amount


Award Date

September 2013


Domestic & sexual violence

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2 franchise
partners recruited
200 young leaders
and 160 teachers trained
1,440 young
people given presentations

Tender, founded in 2003, is an arts charity working with young people to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence through creative projects. Projects include use of drama to:

  • Allow young people to rehearse situations in order to observe the consequences of their choice of action. They can step into the shoes of other characters to develop empathy and understanding for how it feels to be someone else.
  • Allow young people to address problems at a distance; discussing the problems of a character means they do not need to talk about themselves.
  • Help young people decide for themselves what is appropriate behavior in a relationship instead of being told what to do or think.
  • Create a safe, open environment to discuss and learn about vital but challenging subjects.

The grant awarded by Isla allowed Tender to: recruit two franchise partners - a sexual health organisation in Yorkshire and a consortium of domestic violence organisations in Kent. The franchises worked with 4 schools each in the first year, trained 200 young leaders and 160 teachers, and hosted presentations to 1,440 young people. 

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