Project Overview


Tarbert Youth Group

Grant Amount


Award Date

January 2021


Health & Wellbeing

Tarbert Youth Group is a very small registered charity in a small fishing community on the west coast of Scotland. The population of Tarbert has a population of approximately 1,700, and is mainly made up of an ageing generation.

There are few opportunities for young people in Tarbert, limited access to mobile networks and broadband which leave them disconnected from their peers in other parts of the UK. Many of them are also suffering from severe food poverty due to lack of employment and furlough and, inability to travel to the bigger chain stores to buy cheaper food. Mental wellbeing is at an all time low and young people are suffering terribly.

Tarbert Youth Group is helping them to get back their sense of achievement, their spirit and their zest for life. They do this by hosting fun activities, cooking sessions and providing art therapy.

With Isla's support, Tarbert Youth Group are able to continue their incredible work through lockdown and beyond to build foundations for a sustainable and ever-growing organisation which helps so many.