Project Overview



Grant Amount


Award Date

January 2021


Domestic & sexual violence

PEGS provides emotional and practical support for parents, carers and guardians who are living with children displaying abusive, violent or out of control behaviours. Child to parent abuse (CPA)  is the most hidden, misunderstood and stigmatised form of family violence, and currently 1 in 10 families will experience this form of domestic abuse.

PEGS was created out of trauma but moves forward with passion, determination and love. They want to become part of the solution and the change for both society and professionals in understanding child to parent abuse.

Isla’s grant will be used to deliver two workshop modules for parents. These will be based around resilience, self-responsibility, growth and self-confidence to encourage parents to become more assertive and resilient in their situations. Empowering parents is essential to help them take back control of their situation where their child (including adult children ) are displaying abusive, violent or out of control behaviours towards them.