Project Overview



Grant Amount


Award Date

July 2022


Education & Employment, Child development and early learning

With Isla’s funding, Peeple’s project will support parents and carers from disadvantaged communities to gain qualifications. Their ‘Peep Progression Pathway’ is a suite of qualifications for parents embedded in the ‘Peep Learning Together’ Programme. The units, credit-rated by NOCN, are often a first step for parents/carers into volunteering, training or employment. 

Through this project:

  • Practitioners will have increased resources to support parents/carers to gain qualifications which recognise and extend their capacity to support their child’s early learning and development
  • Practitioners will have increased knowledge and skills to support parents/carers to gain qualifications which help them to progress into further learning, volunteering or employment 
  • Parents/carers will gain qualifications which build their confidence and skills as parents, and support them into work, training or study 

Learn more about the work Peeple are doing on their website