Project Overview


Only A Pavement Away

Grant Amount


Award Date

January 2021


Homelessness, Food Security & Housing

Only A Pavement Away (OAPA) is the charity for the employment of homeless, ex-offenders and vulnerable veterans into careers within the hospitality industry.

The charity provides an effective conduit between forward thinking employers in the hospitality industry and charities/organisations working with people who may be facing or experiencing homelessness to successfully place them into long term, stable employment. Since launching the innovative programme in October 2018, the charity has placed a total of 77 people (members) into employment, adding c. £2.5 million to the economy.

Starting a new job can be daunting for a person who has been homeless or in prison and can require a significant amount of help with the adjustments to having a place to call home as well as a new job. OAPA provides additional financial support to members in the form of a one-off ‘stability’ grant of up to £1500 to those who need it to overcome any barriers to sustained employment such as short-term assistance with rent, travel costs, uniforms or initial living expenses.  

Only A Pavement Away understands the importance employment plays in breaking the cycle of homelessness not just through income which helps to sustain housing but, by raising confidence, improving mental and wellbeing, increasing self-esteem and, creating new personal and social networks.

OAPA also facilitates training and development programmes to help people gain pre-employment qualifications or to develop life skills to help with their transition back into society.

Over the next 3 years (2021-2023) OAPA aims to support a further 700 people into employment giving each the chance to forge a pathway to a brighter future.