Project Overview


Kids Kitchen Collective

Grant Amount


Award Date

January 2021


Homelessness, Food Security & Housing

Kids Kitchen Collective looks to tackle social isolation of parents with young children, childhood obesity, and the environmental and financial impact of food systems. Started by two parents wanting to cook with their own young kids, they create isolation-busting family cooking sessions and related activities within their communities. 

They cook delicious meals from scratch with groups of parents and young children then they sit and eat together. This shared endeavour fosters natural conversation and builds connection across social barriers. They talk about ingredients, local information, their lives and their kids. They have fun, learn new skills and build confidence. Food is usually plant based as this is a) low cost; b) healthy; c) inclusive d) sustainable. They also hold pop-up activities at festivals/events or as outreach to families with particular needs, sharing healthy food ideas with a bigger audience.

During the pandemic these essential workshops have been almost brought to a halt. Isla’s grant means Kids Kitchen Collective can deliver online cooking-with-kids sessions, assembling and distributing ingredients packs through mutual aid and food banks and undertaking targeted outreach and one-to-one support to ensure those who will benefit the most can participate.