Project Overview


Her Path to Purpose

Grant Amount


Award Date

January 2021


Health & Wellbeing

Her Path to Purpose CIC exists to equip and empower young women to lead purposeful lives. 

Their mission is to provide skill-building opportunities and resources to equip young women with the essential tools to advance personally and professionally. Their vision is to see young women discovering their passion, striving to achieve their purpose and growing in confidence. 

Through their work, they encourage young women to pursue their goals and transcend societal barriers, with the aim of raising the next generation of leaders. They create a safe and inclusive place where young women can strive to become the best version of themselves while empowering one another.

ISLA is funding their online Empowerment Programme, which aims to create a safe online space for young women through counselling, guidance and mentorship. This project will empower girls to make healthy choices, improve their mental health and help to combat covid-19 induced loneliness and isolation. Taboos surrounding therapy, and the cost of therapy can act as a barrier for many young women in the BAME community accessing this vital support. They want to relieve young women of this cost by creating free counselling opportunities for young women. The sessions will be led by a trained professional who is experienced in delivering therapy to women.