Project Overview


Harry's HAT

Grant Amount


Award Date

January 2021


Health & Wellbeing

Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) is a life-threatening condition. It is relatively common with an estimated 1 in every 1000 babies being born with it each in the UK each year. It is also the most common reason for brain surgery in children - yet it receives little funding and awareness. 

For babies with the condition it is vital that head growth is monitored regularly to highlight whether there is excess fluid. This is done by using a tape measure.Readings are often inaccurate, so it is vital that families and carers are confident with measuring and understanding how variations could occur. 

In response to this, and with the support of a specialist neurological team, Harry’s HAT will use Isla’s grant to develop an app for families, schools, health visitors, baby weighing clinics and other organisations. On the app, individuals will be able to monitor symptoms, download a 'How to Measure’ resource and access information sheets.

Their aim is to increase chances of early detection which can drastically improve outcomes.