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Hackney Winter Night Shelter

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Award Date

December 2019


Homelessness, Food Security & Housing

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Hackney Winter Night Shelter (HWNS) opened in 1996 to provide people in Hackney with a route out of homelessness. To do this, they offer professional and holistic support to help their guests rebuild their lives, alongside a hot meal and warm bed. 

Guests stay at HWNS for periods that vary from a few days to several months. Secure move-on accommodation, including private rented accommodation, supported housing, migrant hosting services and council accommodation. is secured for as many as possible

Read more about HWNS’s proposal for a year-round permanent shelter here.

Over the past year, HWNS accommodated 104 guests in the night shelter.  They provided hot nutritious evening meals and a bed and breakfast for those who would otherwise be sleeping rough.  

Of those that they worked with, they secured move on placements for around 70%, including moves to supported housing, council accommodation, hosting with families (for people with no recourse to public funds), reconnection to country or town of origin, hostel accommodation and for some, moves to other permanent or temporary night shelters.  Some were reconnected with their families.

Feedback from guests was highly positive, with many commenting on the quality of the food and their enjoyment of the company of the volunteers.

Isla’s grant allowed HWNS to cover the salary costs of their Advocate Worker.