Project Overview


Flag DV

Grant Amount


Award Date

January 2021


Domestic & sexual violence

Free Legal Advice Group for Domestic Violence is a charity that offers legal advice to women, LGBTQ+ and men who are affected by domestic abuse. The charity was established in 2013 and looked to fill the gap left by the reduction in Legal Aid services. FLAG DV are a small charity operating across the three counties of the Thames Valley; Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire. 

Clients come through self-referrals from their website or as a referral from other domestic abuse support partners. Each client’s personal need is assessed and they are then provided a free appointment with one of the volunteer Family Law solicitors. 

During the pandemic, FLAG DV have not been able to hold their usual fundraising activities; meanwhile they have seen a 100% increase in referrals.

Isla’s grant will allow FLAG DV to cover their running costs and ensure they can continue to deliver this vital service.