Project Overview


End Violence Against Women

Grant Amount


Award Date

June 2020


Domestic & sexual violence, Women, VAWG, Rights & Equality

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Judicial review
of rape policy

End Violence Against Women (EVAW), founded in 2005, is a leading coalition of specialist women’s support services, researchers, activists, survivors and NGOs working to end violence against women and girls in all forms. 

Their purpose:

  • To lobby all levels of Government in the UK to improve their policy and practice in response to violence against women and girls. EVAW want every level of Government to have a joined up, ‘strategic approach’ to dealing with this abuse. This means recognising every form of violence against women and girls, and aiming to prevent as well as respond after abuse occurs.
  • To influence and shape wider public attitudes towards violence against women and girls, so that there is better understanding of its causes and consequences, and a better mandate for tackling it. This work includes influencing public attitudes, community leaders and the media representation of violence against women and girls.

Rape prosecutions have remained at a 10-year low. Read about it here.

Isla’s grant has allowed EVAW to:

  • Capture public attitudes to abuse and test out how they could be reshaped.
  • Carry out polling throughout the mayoral and local elections on women’s experience of sexual harassment on public transport and in the streets. This led directly to work by the police and transport authorities to step up work to deter sexual harassment and assaults, which is now a permanent policing priority. Find out more in this video.
  • Carry out opinion polling during local elections to indicate enormous public support for the maintenance of local refuges, helplines and counselling centres.
  • Bring a judicial review against the CPS for (allegedly) covertly changing its policy on charging in rape cases, which has ‘raised the bar’ and led to a collapse in the charging rate. Read more here.
  • Secure a Government Rape Review through lobbying which is looking at why rape prosecutions are falling and what should be done. Isla is funding a ‘shadow report’ that will be soon be published.
  • To carry out more than two years of intensive lobbying on the Domestic Abuse Bill to try and ensure it includes protection for ALL women. Read more here.
  • Help bring compulsory Relationships and Sex Education in all schools into law – a major campaigning victory – and a measure which is key to challenging the attitudes which make excuses for abuse before they set in.
  • Secure changes to school safeguarding rules so that schools have to recognise sexual harassment and assaults on schoolgirls as serious child protection issues. Read more here.