Project Overview



Grant Amount


Award Date

July 2022


Health & Wellbeing, Child development and early learning

Clear Sky is dedicated to providing vulnerable children with age-appropriate and creative support at the time when they are still learning about life through their experiences, and working out how to become the best version of themselves. They believe in the Power of Play to transform young lives.

With Isla’s support, Clear Sky are able to grow the organisation in order to meet ever growing demand for their frontline therapeutic services. They will be able to; 

  • Respond to increased demand for 1:1 therapeutic, emotional and behavioural support 
  • Support families to feel confident and nurturing care-givers through the power of play through the delivery of tools and mechanisms which help parents and carers to feel less stressed and understand their child’s emotional needs
  • Rollout their suite of early-intervention practitioner training programmes in order to support the families and carers of vulnerable and disadvantaged children across the UK

To learn more, check out their website here.