Project Overview


Cleanup UK

Grant Amount


Award Date

January 2021



CleanupUK is a charity that helps those who are most in need, usually in areas of deprivation, to combat the litter problem in their area. It is an activity that brings communities closer together, enables neighbours to meet each other, and create a greater sense of pride in local areas. 

George Monck, CEO of Cleanup UK, is determined to show that the presence of litter is much more negative and destructive than most people imagine and that every community can benefit from taking action against litter.

The Isla Foundation will support Cleanup UK’s ‘Beautiful Birmingham Project’, with the aim to help local people solve the litter problem in their area, encouraging voluntary litter-picking activity to strengthen deprived areas and to make and keep them cleaner and ultimately, safer. The ‘Beautiful Birmingham Project’ engages with people and motivates them to form groups of volunteers to keep areas, which are blighted by crime, poverty, rubbish and neglect, litter-free.