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Act On It

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January 2021



Act On It was founded in 2004. Founders Rachel and Helen took the bold decision to leave their teaching jobs and put their energies and experience into creating an organisation that would develop people and communities and change lives for the better.

They work with young people to create their own self-published learning resources. These address the exclusion they feel when looking at existing resources. Their books and online training reflect their own lives and experiences and maximise their potential to contribute to society.

Getting Out

Getting Out ensures marginalised 13-16 year olds' voices can be heard, telling their stories in their own words. The project provides a bridge to re-connect excluded young people with education and their community. 

Getting Out is the second phase of their Shouting Out project. It will continue the creative conversation that created five Shouting Out monologues.  These will be the starting point for the second round of remote creative conversations in which they will re-imagine a post-Covid world and come up with their own solutions for all our next steps. 

They use Zoom meetings, WhatsApp and text messages to create together. The project provides moments of comfort and fun for these young people who do not attend mainstream education and are dropping out of sight. 

Themes included in the original monologues are: living in insecure accommodation, food and how this group is demonised by other members of the community. The monologues will be shared as YouTube videos in a ‘Talking Heads’ style scratch performance. Act On It youth volunteers will perform the work.

The original monologues can be viewed here:

Act On It Shouting Out Monologues